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solomon-kaneIf you haven’t read any of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane tales, then you’re missing out on what I consider to be some of his best stories.  Solomon Kane is also the figurehead of what I  consider Howard’s best poem, The One Black Stain, a splendid speciman of treachery, murder, and revenge.

In 2004, Del Ray published all the Kane tales in a single volume titled, The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane.  Nearly the equal of the excellent yarns within the card-stock covers, are the fantastic ink illustrations provided to us from Gary Gianni.  Included within these  is this illustration, which is favorite Solomon Kane illustration of all time.

Gianni has also illustration a number of other Howard characters as well, including Bran Mak Morn, and Conan himself. Make sure you check out Gary Gianni’s gallery, it’s worth your time.

I approached Conan art gallery contributor Benito Gallego a few weeks ago about potentially doing a header for Border Kingdom, and he was happy to oblige the request. I had had the former “work in progress” banner up there far too long, and the old size of the blog just wasn’t accommodating to some of the features I want to add on the site in the future. A few days ago, I received Benito’s final product, and I think it looks great!

Benito touts the painting as “Buscema-inspired”, and I think it’s easy to see many great elements of Buscema’s work within all of Benito’s art, including this painting, and particularly in his gallery contributions. This is particularly pleasing to me, given I’m a huge fan of the old Savage Sword of Conan days, and Buscema is certainly one of my favorite artists that worked on that title.

Thanks to Benito for putting the extra effort into making the piece really standout.

You can view the original image in his comic art fans gallery page located here.

And you can view his entire comic art fan gallery here.

One hundred and three years ago today, Robert E. Howard was born. Over the course of the next 30 years, Howard would punch out some of the most robert-e-howardcompelling, action-packed, and unquestionably inspirational stories ever written. While most people are largely familiar with his fantasy works detailing the adventures of Conan (either directly, or indirectly), Howard of course also dabbled in Westerns, boxing stories, comedies, poetry, and more.

I’m not here to give you a biography of the man though… far from it. There are  much more accomplished writers better suited to that task, such as Mark Finn, who wrote an exceptional Robert E. Howard biography, which any fan of fantasy should certainly read.

No, I’m just here to say thanks to Howard, who created characters and settings that have provided inspiration to me and a place for my mind to wonder for over two-and-a-half decades.

I am reminded today of a great line from Beyond the Black River:

“He was a man,” said Conan. “I drink to his shade…”

Raise a glass to Howard then, and drink with me to honor the man that gives us all a gift every time we take the opportunity to crack open a book and read one of his yarns.

Happy birthday Bob.

I stumbled across this super sexy Red Sonja over at Kevin West’s gallery last week. Sexy and deadly, as we often see her every time she’s drawn, but with the added touch of “WOW”. This piece is probably in my top two Red Sonja pieces of all time. A little touch of blood on that axe might have been a nice addition – as if we were catching the sexy Sonja right after introducing some poor fool to his death. Of course, after seeing this piece, I couldn’t have it any other way than to have Kevin do a piece for our own Hyborian galley, and he was nice enough to accept.

Kevin has this Sonja piece for sale. Contact him through his gallery if you’re interested in it.

Independent comic book publisher Cosmic Times is set to revive the tale of Arthur in a new King Arthur comic book series, but with a new twist. Taken from the publishers web site, they offer this description:

“Arthur: The Legend Continues” brings the legend of King Arthur to a post-apocalyptic future. Issue 1 takes the legendary king from his “death” on an ancient battlefield to a village on the brink of destruction hundreds of years in our future.

King Arthur Comic

The interior art is provided by Cristhian “Crizam” Zamora and the cover art is provided by none other than Atula Siriwardane, who of course is making multiple contributions to BorderKingdom, including Kushite Warrior, which is already posted in the gallery.

Congratulations to Comic Times on their new series, and to Atula on a fine cover!

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