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Kushite Warrior by Atula Siriwardane    Views: 11931

Kushite Warrior by Atula Siriwardane Image Tags: Black Kingdoms | Warrior | Jungle

Commission Details

Artist: Atula Siriwardane
Artist's Profile: Atula Siriwardane's Profile
Artist's Web site: Atula Siriwardane Art
Date Added to Gallery: Apr-16-08
Views: 11931

Commission Description

Being one of the first commissions that started out this project, Atula didn't get much in the way of a description on this piece, and no reference images to work from. I basically asked Atula to draw a warrior of Kush being attacked by a lion, and that's certainly what he did.

Messages / Comments

Matthew     Mon Apr 21st,2008 01:57 pm
This is one of the best pencil drawings I've ever seen.

Richard Bell     Mon Apr 21st,2008 05:56 pm
That's a terrific illustration Atula! I love the detail of the warrior. I don't know what I was expecting when I read "Kushite Warrior" illustration, but I wasn't expecting to see this!

Ken Zenuk     Mon Apr 21st,2008 07:10 pm
OK, Speaking from alot of expieriance with Atula, This is another amazing piece and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing this whole gallery come to life! I commissioned Atula for a whole REH series of drawings that included Conan, Kull, Red Sonja, Bran Mak Morn and Solomon Kane and so to see the actual surroundings that these characters came from is pretty exciting! Atula is perfect for this because when you get art from him you don't just get a character, you get a page that is so alive that your eyes and mind just melt into the details. Ken Zenuk

Michael Finn     Mon Apr 21st,2008 11:30 pm
Wow, that is really nice. Its been a joy to see Atula skills increase with each and every piece I've seen. This is wonderful.

#1 Conan Fan     Mon Apr 21st,2008 11:50 pm
This is indeed a very nice piece. It's nice to see an artist really fill a canvas for once too... What size is this?

Ernesto     Tue Apr 22nd,2008 01:25 am
Indeed...hard to know just what you might expect from a pic of a 'Kushite Warrior', but Atula has done us proud. Only a quick spear thrust could save this warrior...can he do it? Looking into those slavering jaws is horror indeed. Another real gem from Atula.

Crom - Admin     Tue Apr 22nd,2008 04:53 am
@Ken, thanks for the comments! The commissions you solicited from Atula are actually how I came by his work, so thanks for getting those... ;)
@#1, This piece is 11x17. Thanks!

Farny     Fri Apr 25th,2008 02:35 am
Great job Atula. Like I've seen others say about you, it's almost as we've watched you improve leaps and bounds just over the work you've released over the last year or so. And that's saying a lot I think, because I really thought your art was very strong to start with. I hope we get to see more of you on this site and CAF.

Dave Simons     Fri Apr 25th,2008 05:27 am
I wish I could pencil tight like this. My stuff doesn't come alive until it's inked, but this is a finished drawing in pencil! Great stuff. One of these days I'll learn to draw... :)

Crom - Admin     Fri Apr 25th,2008 06:05 am
Oh.. I don't know about that Dave... the penciled version of The Maul was pretty tight in my opinion. :)

David Edelen (Freebooter)     Sat May 03rd,2008 02:31 am
Hello, I love your pic Kushite Warrior. It is a fantastic drawing of one of their warriors. I love REH Conan stories and am fascinated by the Black Kingdoms as well. Take care, Dave Edelen

Greg     Fri Aug 08th,2008 06:08 am
This is some of the best fantasy pencil work I've seen, and it's great to see some finished work in pencil as well. Seems most fantasy artists these days are either coloring, or doing ink. Both of those are great, but it's always nice to see tight pencil work like this as well.

Travis     Fri Aug 22nd,2008 03:15 am
Awesome pencils Atula! I gave it a 10!

Nicholas     Thu Dec 18th,2008 09:00 pm
This one actually reminds me a bit of the Savage Sword days as well. I had to double take to see if it was really a piece done in pencil. The detail of the warrior is awesome! Great site and great idea for a project, I hope you add more art soon.