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Conan by Staz Johnson    Views: 7400

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Commission Details

Artist: Staz Johnson
Artist's Profile: Staz Johnson's Profile
Artist's Web site: Staz Johnson Art
Date Added to Gallery: Apr-25-08
Views: 7400

Commission Description

This is first piece of art I ever commissioned... I'd never worked with a professional artist before, and quite honestly, I didn't know what to ask for. The description I gave Staz was pretty much just, 'draw Conan holding up some guys head that he just chopped off'.

Messages / Comments

Farney     Tue Apr 29th,2008 01:25 am
This is great Staz. No fur undies on Conan.. which I think is a big bonus.

#1 Conan Fan     Thu May 01st,2008 01:18 am
Excellent pencils Staz! This is crisp. I like the Arabianish setting, it's like Conan in Iranistan or something.

Atula Siriwardane     Thu May 01st,2008 02:58 am
Very Nice Staz, I love the Costume, Pose and Details... Congrats Zack.

M. Finn     Thu May 01st,2008 06:22 am
Another terrific addition. Staz is a phenomenal artist and great guy as well. Really nice piece.

Thomis     Sat May 03rd,2008 02:53 am
Staz Johnson just rocks. I love this drawing. Conan is drawn just the way I like him too, not insanely over-muscled.

Greg     Fri Aug 08th,2008 05:59 am
First rate! Thanks for sharing!

emir     Thu Sep 25th,2008 08:31 pm
Great picture of Conan blood details are coll

mushin     Sat Oct 18th,2008 05:48 am
Conan the Swashbuckler. I Love it! seriously nice drawing, very dramatic.

Will A. - Aussie     Tue Dec 09th,2008 03:42 am
Staz Johnson is such a f*cking good artist. I didn't realize he drew Conan.