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Hyrkanian Tracker by Winston Blakely    Views: 5406

Hyrkanian Tracker by Winston Blakely Image Tags: Warrior | Tracker | Hyrkania

Commission Details

Artist: Winston Blakely
Artist's Profile: Winston Blakely's Profile
Artist's Web site: Winston Blakely Art
Date Added to Gallery: Apr-24-08
Views: 5406

Commission Description

Winston was given the task of drawing a Hyrkanian horse archer hunting down his prey through the wild steppe of the far East.

Messages / Comments

#1 Conan Fan     Thu Apr 24th,2008 09:10 pm
This looks great Winston. Can't wait to see your second piece.

Farny     Fri Apr 25th,2008 02:29 am
nice ink job Winston. Love the heads on the pikes lol.

Jemir     Mon Apr 28th,2008 12:15 am
I can only imagine or guess who this guy is tracking ... but he's a brave man if he's still going after them upon witnessing that scene there. The rendering is definitely top notch as in one image it puts me in the middle of what I imagined was an epic adventure. Very slick work from Mister Blakely. A top notch piece all around.

Winston     Mon Apr 28th,2008 03:51 am
Farny, I had to add the heads on the pikes,to show how dangerous this guy was that the tracker was after. Telling a story with one illustration, is a unique thing. I'm sure you're imagination went wild... just thinking of what is about to happen next. And Jemir's comment added an sense of excitement of the high adventure of a lone hunter against the unknown.

Greg     Fri Aug 08th,2008 06:00 am
Reminds me of the old Conan comics of yesterday. Great one.

Nicholas     Thu Dec 18th,2008 08:48 pm
It does have a Savage Sword feel to it. Nice job Winston!

Milton     Sun Nov 22nd,2009 09:23 pm
Great piece, Winton! I like the look on the tracker's face. I get the feeling whatever he's tracking is closer than he thinks. I'm glad to have you on my team.