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The Maul by Dave Simons    Views: 7111

The Maul by Dave Simons Image Tags: The Maul | Zamora | Conan

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Commission Details

Artist: Dave Simons
Artist's Profile: Dave Simons's Profile
Artist's Web site: Dave Simons Art
Date Added to Gallery: Apr-23-08
Views: 7111

Commission Description

Dave used passages from Robert E. Howard's, The Tower of the Elephant to illustrate The Maul.

Messages / Comments

Crom - Admin     Wed Apr 23rd,2008 02:37 am
Check out this link for an even bigger version of this picture Dave Simons: The Maul - Large

Dave Simons     Wed Apr 23rd,2008 02:28 pm
I really enjoyed doing this one. I love S & S stuff. It just comes more naturally to me than the superheroes. Can you spot the hidden Evangelion reference?

R. Davis     Wed Apr 23rd,2008 05:22 pm
Love it Dave! Nice to see a stand alone inking of one of my favorite stories of Howard's.

#1 Conan Fan     Wed Apr 23rd,2008 11:14 pm
Well I was fine enjoying the art until I read Dave's comment about something hidden in there... and now I... must.. find.. it. Splendid piece Dave, thanks!

Michael Finn     Thu Apr 24th,2008 05:45 am
A superb addition. I really like this new theme and Dave really hit this out of the park.

Farny     Fri Apr 25th,2008 02:33 am
This ink is deceptively good. At first glance it's easy to see that this is a really good ink job. There's a lot of details though that really blend in to this piece and give it a lot of character. Like Conan's attire, the necklace on the guy in the lower right, the leather gauntlets. This is a really nice piece Dave, thanks for sharing.

Succubux     Fri Apr 25th,2008 04:59 am
very good detailed scene ! and i see the guy 'mauling' the serving wench behind Conan. [why is conan posing for the camera with a limp empty mug? he should be swilling ale down his throat. ;) ] thanks for your art. more please? :)

BRIAN POSTMAN     Tue Apr 29th,2008 01:01 am
....Dave,this is great...i really like this...b

Greg     Fri Aug 08th,2008 06:02 am
LOVE the detail in this picture!!! Great job Mr. Simons!!

Nicholas     Thu Dec 18th,2008 08:54 pm
There's so much too this piece! It's really well done!

dave simons     Fri Dec 19th,2008 01:02 am
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Conan is standing there with an empty mug because he just chugged down his beverage. In retrospect, there are a couple of things I'd like to tweak, but I usually want to keep fiddling with the art.