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Streets of Shadizar by Benito Gallego    Views: 6596

Streets of Shadizar by Benito Gallego Image Tags: Zamora | Thief | Shadizar

Commission Details

Artist: Benito Gallego
Artist's Profile: Benito Gallego's Profile
Artist's Web site: Benito Gallego Art
Date Added to Gallery: Apr-22-08
Views: 6596

Commission Description

Benito's was charged with illustrating the dangers of walking the streets at night in Shadizar the Wicked.

Messages / Comments

#1 Conan Fan     Tue Apr 22nd,2008 01:14 pm
That is a really great illustration Benito. Love your other stuff too. Your CAF gallery is top notch. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Bell     Tue Apr 22nd,2008 01:44 pm
The setting in this picture is really good Benito! Great eye for detail and nice interpretation of Zamora.

Adam Alison     Tue Apr 22nd,2008 07:11 pm
Yep, great piece. Fun to look at all the detail. I think I stared at it for a few minutes before I noticed some of the nice detail like the drunk sitting down and the rats. Looks great!

Michael Finn     Thu Apr 24th,2008 01:34 am
I love Benito's work and this is a great example. Really nice detail and wonderful use of blacks.

Farny     Thu Apr 24th,2008 10:30 pm
This does look like Buscema! I like this piece the best so far.

Rafa     Wed Apr 30th,2008 03:51 am

Greg     Fri Aug 08th,2008 02:04 am
This image has great suspense! One of the best of the gallery for sure.

Stephaun     Tue Oct 28th,2008 11:29 am
By far the best illustration of the site. Will you be posting more art from Benito?

Crom (Site Admin)     Tue Oct 28th,2008 12:54 pm
Yes, I actually have two more from Benito that need to be posted... both exceptional quality, as this one is.

Nicholas     Thu Dec 18th,2008 03:55 pm
Another eye treat here... these are exceptional pinups you have received... better than the standard commission in my opinion. Lets see the other two from Benito!

Gary     Thu Apr 16th,2009 02:29 pm
This picture is very well done, and probably my favorite on this website.

Benito Gallego     Fri Apr 17th,2009 12:15 pm
Thanks very much all of you for your praise words. I hope you'll also like the colored version that will be displayed soon.