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Interested in putting your artistic skills to the test and drawing in The Hyborian Age, Robert E. Howard's world of Conan? Then, by Crom, I'm looking for you! The Images of Hyboria gallery is seeking talented artists willing to take the time to illustrate in Howard's Hyboria, and do it justice. All styles of art are welcomed, and encouraged. The goal of the project is to eventually end up with hundreds of images from hundreds of artists representing all kinds of different styles that we can all enjoy together.

Details: What you need to provide

  • Size Requirements: Finished pieces must be completed in 9x12 or 11x17.
  • Medium: Illustrations should be completed in pencil / ink / watercolor. If you want to use another medium, please still contact me and we can discuss that.
  • Content: The scope of the project is really to illustrate the world of Hyboria, rather than just Conan. I'm most interested in artists portraying some of the other heroes in the world that Howard never got to write about. While I prefer that you not draw Conan himself, you can if you choose to do so (a few artists have).

Benefits of Contributing

There are lots of benefits to contributing to the project. These are just a few.

  • Gallery Placement: Your piece gets featured in a gallery alongside other prominent artists drawing the same thing. It's openly and actively displayed and promoted on the Web, rather than ending up on the wall of some collector never to be seen again.
  • (Nearly) Complete Creative Freedom: The image of course needs to be something that fits into the world of Hyboria, but you have a lot of freedom in interpreation. Descriptions of what to draw will be provided to you either for you to draw explicitly, or to take inspiration/ideas from. This project is about your interpretation of the world though, if you don't like the descriptions, draw whatever you want.
  • Active Promotion: The gallery is actively marketed to fans of art, fantasy, Conan, Howard, etc.
  • More Active Promotion: You get a write up on you, your art, projects you've worked on, or whatever you want, in the blog (View Sample).
  • Search Engine Benefits: Probably the most valuable part of the benefits package are all the links you get back to your Web site, your past projects, and other online galleries. Most artists unfortunately know more about art than they do about ranking well in search engines, and many don't even rank well for their own name! Lots of links from a quality Web site will help you sell more art, and get more exposure. You get links from the blog, an optimized page displaying your artwork, your name, and your Web site, and an optimized profile page displaying other art you've done, links to your other work, and links to your Web site.
  • Exposure For You: The entire focus of the gallery is to display your piece, and generate as much exposure and business for you in the long run.
  • Paid Commissions: In addition to everything else, these are paid commissions!
  • Time Frame: NONE! That's right, no deadline to complete these. But you don't get any of the benefits to contributing until I've seen the finished project. Placement in the gallery, the write up, and the profile does not occur until I have actually received the piece.

Submit Your Information

Still interested? Great. Just give me some information about you. Just so you know, I don't sell your info, add you to any mailing lists, or any diabolical things like that.

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